Making payments through Shippabo becomes much easier when you authorize a bank account in the company profile. Keep in mind, only teammates with the Owner account type are able to change payment options.  

How to Add Bank ACH Payment Info

  1. Click on user avatar in the upper right hand corner

2. Click on ‘payment’ on the profile control panel
3. Click on ‘add bank’

4. Enter routing and account number and click ‘save.’

5. Two small deposits less than $1.00 will be sent to the account entered above. Once those amounts are received (may take 1-3 days), click on ‘verify.’

6. Enter those two amounts as whole numbers ($0.35 would be entered as 35). Click ‘save’ again.

That's it!  Now whenever there is a ‘pay’ button in the invoices screen or shipment detail, your ACH account will be available as a payment option.

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