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Check Your Shipment Status In Shippabo

1. Login to the Shippabo platform.

2. Click on the Shipments tab in the main navigation bar.

3. Locate the shipment in question in the list or search and select the shipment.

4. At the top of the shipment you will see 6 chevrons indicating the critical milestones of your shipment. 

-Shipment Booked
-Cargo Ready By
-Container On Board
-POL Departure
-Destination Arrival
-Scheduled Delivery

Each of these milestones are given date of when they are estimated to be completed by a lite blue color, completed by a dark blue color and grey to be completed in the future.

Checking the releases within a shipment

With in each shipment certain (if not all) release will need to be illuminated "green" for us to deliver the cargo. If the release are "grey" that means it is pending and if it is "red" means that it is on hold. 

For more details, please click on on the link to a video of how to check the status of your Shipment;

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