Shippabo is here is to help any size clients with any kind of need. We currently offer two different ways to use Shippabo; On a contract or on the spot market.

As Per Transaction:
Shippabo’s costs are per transaction, i.e. per shipment. These costs vary from shipment to shipment. 

The standard charges/fees for each shipment are usually:

1. Ocean freight – cost + markup

2. Customs and ISF forms – $100

3. Booking fee – $95

4. Origin charges – at cost 

5. Destination charges – at cost

6. Trucking – cost + markup

7. Duties – at cost

All containers are subjected to the following standardized cost, if they apply:
Storage: $50.00 Per day
Per Diem (per day): 1-4 Days; $120 / 5-9 Days; $170 / 10+ Days; $215 

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