Track and trace on Shippabo is simple. Log in to your Shippabo account and lets get started

1. Go to the Shipments tab. 

2. Below are four subsections: request, active, complete, and all. These refer to the statuses of current and past shipments. The system will automatically default to "active".

3. Click into the search bar on the upper left hand side. You are able to search by PO number (How to add a PO number to your shipment), A unique client reference label and even by products. However you best identify your cargo you can search it that way. 

Select any shipment from under these four tabs, and see the details of the shipment. Details you can see include:

  • Port of departure/arrival
  • Ready by dates
  • Carrier
  • Service type
  • Cargo details like number of cargos and types of cargos
  • Freight costs and associated fees
  • Shipping party information (consignee, shipper, origin/destination agent, manufacturer)
  • Mechanisms to create and review forms, like ISF, invoices, booking forms, and quote proposals.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach us by clicking the blue chat bubble and one of Shippabo's team members will be glad to assist you. 

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