Welcome to the Shippabo family!

We are excited and grateful that you decided to trust us with your cargo and business. To make transition from one logistics company to another can be stressful. To make this process smooth there is a few necessary steps that need to be completed, and one is to provide us with a POA

What is the purpose of the POA?

A power of attorney (POA) is a general legal document used in shipping to grant a freight forwarder the authority to act on behalf of the consignor.

How to set up your POA with Shippabo?

1. Sign into your account and click "Setup"

2. In the setup page click on "Sign POA" and then click the "Sign POA" to be brought to a signnow.com page.
3. Fill out the required POA information and then click "Done"  at the very top right hand corner of the page. 

That is it! Congratulations, you completed the Shippabo POA for you to start shipping!

If you have any questions, Please click on the blue chat bubble and a Shippabo team member will be glad to help. 

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