Welcome to Shippabo! 

To get your company and your shipping partners up and running as quickly as possible, we've created a series of quick start guides for you and your Shippabo customer success manager to follow. By following these guides, we'll cover the most important steps to help you and your team realize value as soon as possible.

Part I: Setting up Your Company as an Importer
Part II: Onboarding Your Suppliers / Manufacturers to Initiate New Shipments
Part III: Planning and Booking a Shipment
Part IV: Managing a Shipment's Lifecycle
*coming soon*
Part V:  SKU-Level Analytics -- A Powerful Feature for Sales Team & Your CFO  
Part VI: Customizing Your Personal & Team Settings
Part VII: Visually Manage Your Logistics Network & Supply Chain

What is Shippabo?

Shippabo is an international logistics and supply chain platform that enables companies to collaboratively move freight cargo around the world. Through your membership in the Shippabo platform, you get access to improved freight pricing, more efficient processes and increased reliability in moving your cargo.

Part I: Setting up Your Company as an Importer

In order for you to start moving your cargo around the world, the first step is to set up your company as an importer. Our strong suggestion is to complete these steps as quickly as possible.

Here’s a suggested calendar for completing these tasks in just three days: 

Day 1 -- Steps 1-2
Day 2 -- Steps 3-4
Day 3 -- Steps 5-8

Here are the steps to setting up your company as an importer:

  1. Set up your importer information
  2. Add your delivery locations
  3. Add your products
  4. Add your shippers
  5. Set your billing contact
  6. Sign credit application
  7. Sign POA
  8. Set up payment

Step 1: Add Team Members

Chances are you're not the only person that can help configure your Shippabo account. Most clients colleagues from their Operations/Supply Chain team; colleagues from their Accounting/CFO teams; folks their Importing / Warehouse teams; and members of their sales teams that need to track inventory.

Step 2: Add Contacts

Step 3: Managing Your Notifications

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