Every supply chain is unique. With numerous partners to manage, it’s important that all of your contacts stay update and organized. To make this effort easier, you can store information about your suppliers, warehouses, truckers, and manufacturers on the Logistics Partners tab.

If you click on the “Logistics Partners” tab, you’ll see an overview of your network connections, delivery locations, and contacts - basically, a visual map of your entire supply chain. 

Every company you invite add on to the Logistics Partners tab will also display under your Contacts. Also, any new companies, contacts or locations you add to a shipment, will be automatically updated to your Logistics Partners network. 

To get started, click the “Invite” button for the type of partner you’re trying to include in your network and collaborate with on the Shippabo platform, or the “Add” button to save delivery locations for your shipments.

For any partners you use the Shippabo Network for in your supply chain, those partner categories will be locked. To unlock these partners and invite additional partners into your network, please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

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