Keeping an up-to-date product catalog is not only beneficial in keeping you compliant but also it is a great way to have clear picture on what products you are importing. This article will explain how to effectively manage your products catalog and also how to update your HTS codes for each product. 

How to locate your product catalog:
Login into your Shippabo Platform, On the top right click on the "MORE" drop down menu and click "Products"

You will see a list of your products with a product name, SKU, HTS code and the status of that product. As seen below:

You want to make sure that each product listed in your catalog has two data points attached to it; 

  1. SKU
  2. HTS code

What is the importance of the SKU?
This is the data point that the system tracks your product. This becomes very helpful from tracking pending orders to delivering orders and also cost per unit analysis breakdown. 

What is the importance of HTS Code?
HTS codes are important because they not only determine the tariff/duty rate of the traded product, but they also keep a record of international trade statistics that are used in nearly 200 countries. Updating and reviewing your product HTS codes on yearly basis is the best way to keep compliant. You can search HTS code from the following website; 

So now that you know the importance of the two above mentioned data points and you have collected all the data needed to update, how do you update and/or remove products from the catalog?
While in the products page, hover the mouse over the ascending dots all the way to the right of product row to get access to the Edit Tool. You will see a trash can and also a pencil. 

1. To Delete the product: Click on the Trash Can, confirm that you want to delete the product

2. To Edit the product: Click on the Pencil 

Editing the product:
By Clicking the "Edit Tool" you will be able to change everything about your product; Product Name, Description, SKU, HTS code and also what supplier it is being produced / purchased from (How to add a Shipper / Manufacturer). When you have verified and entered your SKU number and HTS code for each product. Go ahead and click "save", it is that easy.

You are importing a new product, lets add it to your catalog:
Gather the following information to add new products; Name, Description, SKU, HTS Code and the supplier of the product.

Click "Add Product" 

Completely fill in the product details in the pop up screen;

Click "SAVE" and your product is added to your catalog. 

Managing your products catalog can be a large task. We are able to assist in this process and help you classify your products, to learn more about this service and pricing go ahead and click on the chat icon to the right and a team member will be glad to help!

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