When clicking on the "Timeline" tab of a shipment, you will find the place where you check the status of your shipment, see a history of events and post messages related to the shipment.

Here all of your communication will be stored throughout the lifecycle of the shipment, ensuring that information and updates on a specific shipment are all in one place.  

When posting a new message, navigate to the form displayed at the top of the tab which includes a recipient field, a message field, and a send button. Start by clicking on the “Add Recipient” field, this will drop down a list of potential recipients. From this list, you can choose which of your supply chain partners receive the message and who else will be able to see the message on the message board. 

Your recipients are organized into teams and groups.

  • The top two options are multi-party options or groups, 
  • "All Client Teams" will be sent and visible to the consignee and shipper teams. (You can see that these teams are also listed out individually under the "Client Teams" section)
  • "All Logistics Providers" will be sent to all third party providers that you’ve invited onto the system. Groups you will be able to onboard into this category include: Origin Trucking, Destination Trucking, Carriers, Customs broker, Origin Agent, and Destination Agent.
  • Below your group options are specific teams 
  • “Shippabo Team” will send the message to us and it will only be visible by your team and ours.
  • “Consignee Team” will send a message to your team and will only be visible by your team. 

Once you’ve selected the intended recipient(s) you can type your message in the field below, and press “Send” to post your message. After you post a message, an email will be sent to all the users that belong to the team(s) or group(s) you’ve selected as recipients letting them know there is a message waiting for them. ONLY users of the Shippabo platform will be able to login and access the message board.

As you begin posting or being notified of new posts, you’ll notice that we’ve introduce a new notification icon at the top of the screen that looks like a dialog box. Notifications for new messages will be shown there, while the bell icon alert you of shipment events.

Each time you return to the messages tab, you’ll be able to see which messages are new when they are highlighted. Scroll all the way to the bottom of your new messages for the system to mark them as read.

After a message is posted you have the ability to acknowledge the message with the *thumbs up* or the *smiley face* emojis, or reply to the message. In the bottom right hand corner of the message that is sent you will see "company," which will identify who the message is visible to when you hover over it.

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