Edit user access permissions in 4 steps:

1) If you are a User Admin or Network Owner, when you click on the gear icon that appears in the upper right hand corner of your screen, you’ll see a new option, “Team.” Clicking on the “Team” option will bring you to the Users & Teams page. 

2) Once on the “Users & Teams” page, you’ll see all of the users on your team (*Please Note, while not yet available, soon you will have the ability to assign different users to different teams). 

Listed with each users will be their Name, Email Address, Company, Platform Role, and Access. By default, all users have access to “All Roles” (or full platform access). By clicking on the ellipses you can update access for that user. 

3) After clicking the ellipses, you’ll be given the option to “Edit Access” or “Suspend” a user’s access. If you click on “Suspend”, that user will no longer be able to log into the Shippabo platform. By clicking “Edit Access” you can set more granular permissions and restrictions for that user.

4) On the Access Control panel, you’ll see four tabs: Shipments, Contacts, Products, Invoices. Each of these tabs correspond to tabs and functions within the Shippabo platform. For each tab in the Control Panel, you can customize a user’s “Access” to the corresponding tab and/or their permission to “Create/Edit” on that tab.

In the example below, if you wanted to remove the user’s permission to access and action upon the Shipments tab, you would toggle the switch that’s shown on the upper right. If you wanted this user to have access to the Shipments tab in order to view information, but remove their ability to “Create” new shipments and “Edit” existing shipment details, you would uncheck the checkbox.

Don’t forget to save changes! All done!

Once you’ve saved successfully, you’ll see the updated permissions reflected in the Access column.

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