Updated the time zone associated with activities posted in Shipment history.
Now when activities or events are posted to a Shipment’s history tab they will be saved with a timestamp based on the time zone of the recipient’s browser. Furthermore, we included a reference to the time zone of the user who actually executed the action.

Deactivate/Disable accounts rather than Delete them.
Now every time a contact is removed from an organization’s team their username and account will be considered deactivated rather than deleted. The name of the user will remain, but their user role will appear red. We will also display a tooltip indicating that the account has been deactivated and the user is no longer with the company.

Optimized the export of both the Shipment the Product report.
We’ve optimized the performance of our file export functionality. Users can now export an unlimited amount of entries from both the shipment and product pages when running and downloading reports.

Reactivating disabled accounts when accepting invites to a new company.
Shippabo platform users will now be able to reactive users who had previously been disabled simply by inviting them to a different/new company.

All HBL fields have been mapped and appear when a user generates an HBL Form.We are now able to reflect all possible values entered as shipping details in the Booking form when generating the HBL.pdf file. Users can even regenerate an updated copy of the HBL document even after changes have been made.

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