Shippabo Production Release Notes: 8/28

‘Pick Up From’ and ‘Delivery To’ inputs can now be updated with smart autosuggest values. Previously Shippabo users had to choose the type of ‘Pick up From’ and ‘Deliver To’ locations via a dropdown that included options for Door and Port. The prequalifying-type selection determined what door or port values would be suggested when the user completed the input fields. Now, users will no longer have to qualify their desired location types. Our input autosuggest logic includes the ability to find Ports, Contacts, Zip Codes, and Zones without having to specify the type of location the user is searching for. Each type of location is now represented by an icon designating whether the input is a Port, a contact, or a zip code.    

Before: Pick up From and Deliver To with qualifier dropdown

New: Pick up From and Deliver To inputs with autosuggest

The ability to generate a Quick Quote (shipping lane, rate, and schedule) without having to book an actual shipment.

Before the development of the Quick Quote feature Shippabo users could only find and select pre-established rates when booking a shipment. We now allow users to search for and discover new rates as part of an exploratory request and approval process called Quick Quotes. If a user requests a rate that does not exist within the Rate Explorer they now have the option to request a quote.

 This generates a quote request email that is sent directly to our operations team for booking as well as a quote summary notification email sent directly to the user.

Once our operations team receives the quote request they can proceed with booking the shipment on a new rate schedule that previously did not exist until the Quick Quote process was initiated. Now our users can actively request new supply lines that can seamlessly be incorporated into our rate inventory and booking process without having to leave the application.

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