Added Chinese Terms of Service to the Shipment Summary Page
Now when a user creates a shipment and arrives at the Shipment Summary form, they will be able to convert and review the terms of service in Chinese. Users will have to check the terms of service box before proceeding with the rest of the booking flow.

Changed the background overlay to a 75% opacity
In our ongoing effort to create the most beautiful app possible, we changed the dialogue background to render with a 75% opacity to provide users with more contracts when they are interacting with modals and dialogue popups. 

Freight release updates
Now any changes or updates made to the Freight release date will appear in the shipment message history.

Simplified Booking Form
As part of our overall effort to create a simpler and more straightforward booking process, we released a new version of the booking form that includes the following changes:

Form Changes

  • We introduced a role radio button that allows users to identify themselves as either a shipper or a consignee when they first arrive at the form. 
  • Users now have a dedicated field to name their shipments.
  • There is new ‘Commodity’ section that allows you to add the following details to any shipment:  Marks & Numbers, Amount of Packages, Types of Packages- Default = Cartons, and Description of Goods.
  • We added dedicated ‘Gross Volume’ and ‘Gross Volume’ fields within the booking section.
  • We are allowing users to add the following services when filling out the booking form:  Cargo Insurance, Precarriage, and Export Customs.
  • Shipment details have been converted from a series of inputs to one consolidated text block and has been renamed to ‘Shipment Details – Special instructions to Carrier’ -- This text will appear as notes when drilling into individual shipment details. 
  • We removed all “Drag & Drop or Upload” targets as well as the reference number field. 

These new components will also appear in the shipment summary page once submitted.

New and improved Shipment Proposal Form

Generating HBL PDF
Users can now generate a House Bill PDF within the Booking section of individual shipments. This form has been optimized to render and print out on paper size A4.   

  • Admin users (specifically our China operations team) can now click a button labeled "Generate HBL.”
  • After clicking the "Generate HBL" button, a user will be presented with a form to provide any missing fields required to generate an HBL PDF.
  • User can complete any missing values and then click, "Save & Download" to complete the process.

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