The settings tab is where you can manage all your settings from users to notification settings. 

How to Access your setting tab?

Log in to your shippabo account and then click the cog wheel to right hand side. 

You will then be brought to your setting page, like below. Let's go through each tab.


Here is where you will see your profile information. You can even add a picture if you would like or change your password. You can even upload a profile picture.


Here you can choose to add your own Customs Broker and / or the ISF agent. You can also allow Shippabo to manage both ISF and Customs if you like. 


Here you can turn off and on the notifications that are most important. To get a detailed step-by-step details, please click on this link; Email Notification Settings 


Here you can add or adjust your company contact information. You can even upload your companies logo. 


Here you can manage your team and also invite team members to your platform. To get a step-by-step process on how to do that, please follow this link; Inviting your teammates to the platform


Here you can set your payment options, credit card or bank account. Also you will see the credit line, if you have applied for one. To see how to make a payment, please follow the link to this helpful article; Making a payment


Here is where you will find your Power of Attorney (POA) and also your Customs Bond information that you can access.

If you need help with with walking through your settings tab and any of the features, please click the blue chat bubble and a Shippabo team member will be glad to assist you!

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