All Shippabo invoices are accessible via the Invoice tab. Here, you can pay, view, and download invoices. 

How to access your invoices tab:

  1. Login to your Shippabo platform
  2. From your Shippabo Dashboard, click on "More" and then "Invoices"

How to navigate your invoices tab:

Invoice overview

At the very top of your invoices page you will see 3 boxes; All Open, All Overdue, All total due. This will let you know how many invoices are open but not due and also how many are currently overdue. All with corresponding amounts

Invoice List

The invoice list is all your invoices listed, be that open and  / or overdue. You can click into any invoice by clicking the Shippabo Reference Number.

Filtering your invoices:

Within your invoice list you can can filter to better suit your workflow. This is done by clicking "filter" and choosing the status of the invoice (unpaid or paid), the due date or the last pay date. 

Making a payment:

You can make a payment on any invoice directly from the invoices tab. You can do this by:

1. Selecting the desired invoices(s) via the check mark box. It is selected when it turns blue with a check mark in it. 

2. Then click the "Make Payment" box.

3. You will then get a confirmation screen asking which form of payment you would like to use. If you have not set up a ACH payment method or a credit card payment method, you are able to do so from this screen. 

Setting up payment methods:

Please follow the link on how to set up payment;

To get a tutorial of how to navigate your Invoices Tab, please follow the video link below;
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via the blue chat bubble and a Shippabo Team member will be happy to assist.

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