The shipments tab is a fast way for you to quickly look up a shipment via any identifier. You can look up by PO number, Shipment Reference number and etc. 

This article will help you navigate this tab and what information you can gather from it!

From your Shippabo dashboard after you logged in you will click on "Shipments".

In the upper left hand corner, you will see 5 different selections: 

  1. Request; All shipments that were created but have not been booked. You can also find created shipments that have a quote ready to approve.
  2. Active; All shipments from booked to arriving. Shippabo Tip: When you click on shipments, the system automatically defaults to Active shipments
  3. Complete; All shipments that have been delivered and invoiced
  4. All; A view of all shipments
  5. Views; This is where you will see all saved filter views

Create a new shipment:

In the upper right hand corner you will see "+New Shipment". Click here to create a new shipment and also request a quote. Please click here get step-by-step directions on how to create a new shipment.

Filtering your shipments:

With in the Shippabo system you can filter shipments in all tabs; Request, Active, Complete and All by clicking "Filter" and choosing which works best for your workflow. 

Saving a filtered view

The feature allows you to save an active filter view that will move along with your supply chain. How to save an active view:

  1. Filter the view that works best for your work flow
  2. On the left hand side click "View"

3. Name your view and click save

4. The view will populate under the "Views" tab at the top

Exporting your shipment data:

With inside your platform you have the ability to export all shipment data to CSV file. You can simply do this by clicking by clicking "Export" within the filter bar.

Searching a shipment:

Need to find a shipment quickly? 

Within the shipments tab you are able to find shipments quickly by the search tool. Click on the magnify glass with the word "Find" and search your shipment by any unique identifier that is attached the shipment. You can search, but limited to, by P.O., Shipment number, MBL and Etc.. Your results will be populated below, to which you can then select the shipment you like.

For a video on how to navigate the shipments tab, please click the link;

If you have any questions, please go ahead and click on the blue chat bubble on the right.  A Shippabo team member will be glad to assist you!

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