The Dashboard is where you’ll first land after logging in. 

The Dashboard provides a summary of your current supply chain activity: Active Shipments, Deliveries, Your Company contacts, Your shipper contact and ocean rates on your most used part pairs.

Additionally you can access everything from your shipments to your products catalog from here.

Dashboard Navigation Bar

  1. Rate Explorer Tab: Where you can find instant rates for your FCL needs and also where you can request a quote. 
  2. Shipments Tab: Where all your shipments within your supply chain can be found
  3. Setup Tab: Where you will be walked through to fully setting up your account
  4. More Tab: You will find other tabs like; Products, Invoices, Contacts and Transactions
  5. Notifications and Messaging Tabs: Here you will be notified about changes in your shipment (The Bell Icon) or if you have received a message (The Chat Icon)
  6. Settings Tab: Where you can customize settings to setting up payment methods

New Shipment button: You can create a new shipment directly from your dashboard

Dashboard Cards

Active Shipments: This card will show you a birds-eye view of your entire supply chain from Booking to Arriving.
Deliveries: Deliveries calendar allows you to see when shipments will be delivered. Darker the color of the red circle means higher count of deliveries being made. 

My Company: Here will be list of your contacts within your company, your team member. You can quickly invite new team members by clicking "Invite Team"
Contact List: This is where you will see a list of all your Shippers. You can also quickly invite your shippers to the platform by clicking "Invite Shipper"

Ocean Rates: You will see quick rates for your most used port pairs in your supply chain

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the blue chat bubble. 

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