Let's walk through how you go about requesting an FCL quote:

The Rate Explorer

The best way to get an instant quote and start shipping

Gather the following information to get a competitive quote:

  1. Identify what size container; 20GP / 40GP / 40HC / 45HC
  2. Port of origin or suppliers contact card
  3. Port of destination or delivery contact card
  4. Cargo Ready By date 
  5. In Distribution date (optional but recommended)
  6. Filing services that you will need (ISF and/or Customs Clearance) 

Now that you have all this information, now let's walk through building an FCL Quote request.

From your dashboard after you login, click on Rate Explorer

  1. Click "FCL"
  2. Choose your container size
  3. Enter your port pairs or the supplier and delivery location 
  4. Enter your "Cargo Ready By" 
  5. Enter "In DC By"
  6. Un-select the services that you will not be using
  7. Then click "Search Rates"

When you click "Search Rates", you will be provided instant rates for FCL; Scroll through the rates or filter by your favorite carrier or transit times. 

Once you have found an instant rate that suits your needs. Go ahead and click on the cost in the blue bubble, review the information and then click "Continue to Shipment Proposal", Once you create the shipment with further information, we will send you a full cost break down and a proposed scheduled

How to complete a shipment proposal, please visit our article {Insert article link}. 

If you have any questions about how complete a quote request or questions about your quote, please reach out to us via the blue chat bubble on the right hand side.

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