Shippabo's cloud-based management platform brings greater visibility, pricing, collaboration, and actionable data to every shipment. Here's how. 

Shippabo's Supply Chain Management Platform

Increase Supply Chain Visibility

  • Pre-book shipments weeks or months in advance. 
  • Set In-Distribution Center date to optimize route and mode
  • Use SKU-level visibility to manage inventory
  • Review U.S. Customs entries, releases, duties, and examples
  • Track shipments by product ID, name, or purchase order
  • Track shipment location in real time

Stay Competitive

  • Explore instant rates for routes
  • Target the best spacing, pricing, and lanes with our forecasting tools
  • Benchmark prices and schedules against Shippabo’s supply chain network
  • Integrate your pre-existing contracts
  • Store carrier contracts for seamless bookings

Centralize Collaboration

  • Use in-shipment messaging to connect quickly and easily
  • Integrate with Quickbooks, Sage, Netsuite and more
  • Turn to shipment templates to keep processes consistent 
  • Organize and share documents across teams
  • Rely on auto notifications for shipment updates

Leverage Actionable Data

  • Turn to your all-in-one dashboard and calendar for shipment statuses
  • Create customized reports on the shipment views you need
  • Inform future shipments with forecasting tools and trends
  • Review SKU unit cost by SKU number, origin country, or factory

Head to our website for more on the Shippabo platform. 

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