Manage all your shipments, regardless of whether they’ve been booked on the Shippabo platform, all in one place with Visibility Shipments. This will enable you to see the full landscape of your shipping activity, consolidate all shipment documentation and information in a centralized location, and track the progress of all shipments from booking to delivery. 

To get started, click the “New Shipment” button. You’ll see a prompt with two options, “Book a Shipment” and “Track a Shipment”, by selecting the latter you can create a Visibility Shipment to track. 

After selecting “Track a Shipment”, you’ll see a truncated version of the Shipment Proposal form, where you can name your shipment, add the PO, HBL and MBL, assign a Shipper and Consignee contact, and designate the pick up and delivery location. 

If you need to add a new Shipper or Consignee contact, you can do so by typing in the name of the contact and then selecting “Add Contact” from the field drop down. 

If you have any documents you want to attach and store for that shipment (House Bill of Lading, Master Bill of Lading, ISF or Customs forms), easily add the files by using the “Drag & Drop or Upload” field at the bottom.

Once all the shipment information fields have been filled out (and documentation uploaded, if you have it), Select the blue “Create” button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and that’s it! Similar to your booked shipments, you can manage the Visibility shipment you created from the Shipment List.

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