The products tab is a tool designed for importers by importers. There is nothing more important than being able to see down to the SKU level of your shipments. 

Let's explore this tab and show how powerful this tool is!

How to access your Products Tab:

  1. Login into your platform
  2. Click on "More" then click on "Products" 

3. You will taken to your products page

From this screen you will find the following information:
-Product name
-Product Material (if specified)
-SKU Number
-HTS code
-Shipment status of the product

You are able to search any product by name, SKU or HTS code. Shippabo Tip: More detailed product information will make your reporting more robust.

Filtering your products:

On the right hand side of the screen click on "filter" to filter by specific product information or you can filter by dates by clicking "Delivery Recent"

Exporting your product catalog:

Click on "Report" to export your entire catalog

Adding a product to your your catalog:

1. Click on "Add Product"

2. Fill in all information with as much details as possible and click "Save"

Editing or deleting a product:

1. Hover over the ascending dots to the far right hand side on the product. 

2. Click the pencil to edit or the trash can to delete the product. 

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