Shippabo's supply chain management software lets you track all shipment details from anywhere, at any time. Here's an overview of how: 

Supply Chain Visibility with Shippabo

Track Shipments From End-To-End

  • Add SKU information to your Purchase Order off the bat
  • Quickly find out cost, duties and freight, and number of units in transit
  • Track U.S. Customs statuses and delivery notifications
  • Track shipment locations in real time

Review SKU Unit Cost

Accurately plan around your product prices with Shippabo's visibility into SKU-level cost of goods sold with duties and freight. 

Keep product landed cost top of mind and easily accessible. You can review cost by SKU number, origin country, or factory. Export a complete list of your products with their landed costs. 

Forecast for the Future

Shippabo's forecasting tools help you optimize your supply chain. Uncover trends on shipment deliveries, inventory progress, SKU performance, and freight spend. Generate reports tailored to the shipment views and SKU performances you need. Accurately determine inventory levels and product prices with your arsenal of centralized data. 

And you can always turn to our team of shipping experts for help by clicking the blue chat bubble. 

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